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How i met your... :iconknightlyone:knightlyone 0 0
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Wyvern's Unova adventures Ch.2
2: Preparations and Departure
zipped up his bag, he had everything he needed, a change of cloths,
food until he got to his mom's place, the six pokeballs housing his
team which he was planning on dropping off with professor Rowan
before his departure, plus any other little nick-nack he needed.
also planned to give back the pokedex Rowan had given him what seemed
like so long ago.  It was nowhere near complete, something that would
earn him another of Rowan's famous death-stares, but he had done what
he could with what he had, and was sure the professor would be
satisfied with that, to a degree at least.
one last look around he donned his matrix-style trench-coat, and
walked out the front door, locking it as he left.
headed south, through Pastoria city, from which he planned on flying
to Sandgem town to drop off his things and then head to the Canalave
city port to catch his ship.  He hadn't yet heard back from Sam, so
he had decided to wait
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Who's this? by knightlyone Who's this? :iconknightlyone:knightlyone 0 3
Wyvern's Unova adventures ch.1
Unova Adventure
1: Unto the Breach
Ah, uh...huh?”
did I wake you up?”
Wyvern sat upright in his bed, Sam was standing over him with a look
of satisfaction and grim amusement.   When Wyvern understood what
happened he groaned, then tried to get up, but the ship's rocking
caught him off-guard and he fell back into the bed.
says we're gonna reach Castelia soon dude, you should get ready,”
Sam walked out of the room, shutting the door behind him.  Wyvern was
finally able to get to his feet and shook his head to clear it.  He
had been sleeping for awhile it seemed, he couldn't remember when he
first drifted off.
what Sam had said made sense to him, Castelia!  Unova's biggest city!
They were almost there!  Wyvern ran to his suitcase and quickly got
dressed, he thought about putting on his coat, but decided
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Kellen info
Sinnoh team
Kellen is the oldest member of the NS team, though not the first.
She was intended to give birth to a member of the team before any
other eggs were produced, but after some of the eggs had already
hatched it became clear to Tarran that the chances of getting another
female combee, even through breeding, were too slim, so she was
appointed in the team instead.  She acts as a supporter of the team,
in and out of battle, with her greater experience being of great
benefit to the team's leader Zeke, and her moves like Toxic proving
helpful against opponents.  She is married to Victor from the
original Sinnoh team, and even though he is older than her they have
undeniable chemistry.  
Kellen was the first girl combee born to Tarran, the first five
attempts at breeding a female as opposed to catching one being
failures.  When she hatched she was almost immediately trained to
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Natsu info
Sinnoh team
Natsu is the NS team hothead.  He loves fighting, but he loves
pulling pranks and laughing more.  Because of his type, he was
intended to be the team's leader, but when he was caught stealing
Kellen's honey that position was given to Zeke.  This had a major
impact on Natsu, he blamed Zeke for “stealing” his
position and prestige and began playing more cruel pranks and teasing
the team more bitterly.  He currently has at least three rivalries,
one with Zeke, one with his older brother in Sinnoh, and one with any
Electabuzz or any of it's evolutionary line,all of which are one
sided.  His opinions of the rest of his team are very bad, he
considers Zeke lazy and incompetent, he thinks Randalf is retarded,
he thinks Vaily is a baby, he thinks Lucy is just there to ferry the
team across water, and that Kellen is a strict old bee.  He currently
has no friends,
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Zeke info
Sinnoh team
Zeke is the laid-back leader of the NS team.  He was one of the first
to hatch and from birth showed a very relaxed nature and love of
berries, particularly Oran and Sitris berries.  Zeke was originally
meant to be a supporter on the team, but was elected leader; almost
against his will; when the intended leader Natsu proved incapable of
being the leader.  As he grew and matured his interests increased, he
started enjoying time spent napping in warm sunlight, using
sophisticated words whenever talking, and being particularly flirty
with girls on other teams that fit his typing.  He is a big ladies
man, though the “ladies” themselves; particularly Tethys
the Ninetails and Muerta the Houndoom; do not appreciate him.  His
best friends are Randalf and Vaily, they look to him as an older
brother and come to him for advice, as well as constantly look for
ways to help him.
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It's been a very long time since I last wrote a journal entry, and a lot has changed since then.  I thought it was about time i got a new journal entry adorning my page.  
First off, to those who are "subscribed" to me, I apologize that i haven't uploaded anything recently, and that the last few things i have uploaded kinda suck.  I'm currently in the home stretch of my senior year in high school, so I have a few things on my plate to distract me from focusing on artwork, or writing.  However, I'm not going away to college next year, so I'll have time in-between whatever work I'll (hopefully) have (plus other distractions) to experiment with my tablet and give you guys higher-quality work, plus I'll get back on that writing stirrup and try to shell out more of Wyvern's Unova Adventures, plus more things like Shogi and Sawzie, and other stories my over-active mind has come up with.  Although, I've noticed that DA isn't really the best place to post text stories, so I may look into other sites to upload those on, (I'll upload them on here too if you guys want me to).
I hope you guys haven't forgotten about me, and again I'm sorry for being inactive.  I'll have some new stuff for you guys soon.
Thankee muchly


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